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Shadow a Veterinarian

Spend Your Morning making rounds, behind the scenes,

with a Zoo Veterinarian.

Find out how you and a friend can go behind the scenes with Senior Veterinarian Dr. Jb Minter to learn how the veterinary staff provides medical care to the Zoo's animals. 

An unforgettable birthday or anniversary present!  Learn more here.

The tragic loss of Cecil, the lion— a reminder that Africa’s wildlife needs our help.


The NC Zoo is actively involved in saving animals in the wild. We do this in part by working closely with national parks across Africa, including in Zimbabwe where Cecil was killed. By training rangers and providing them with the latest in technology, we can help to save these majestic carnivores and the other animals that share their habitat.

Help by donating to the NC Zoo's Conservation Projects

Learn more about lions here.


Heads Up - Three New Gorillas Coming Our Way this Fall


Three new gorillas—a silverback male, an adult female and her three-year old grandson—are set to come here from the Henry Doorly Zoo sometime this summer. After doing a stint in quarantine, the trio will join the Zoo's longtime gorilla residents — two females and each of their two-year-old sons — on exhibit.
The prospect of caring for these additional gorillas has Zoo staff busy enlarging and improving its existing gorilla habitat and night quarters.

During these renovations, our resident troop has been moved to an off-exhibit space so that they can avoid the noise and confusion that besets any renovations. Don’t worry, though! They are well cared for and thriving in their temporary digs, and they will be back on exhibit this fall.

If you would like to make a donation to bring these three gorillas to North Carolina or to help the Zoo improve their holding spaces, please click here.

Something to Roar About at the NC Zoo


The Zoo's lioness and cubs (count them, there are four!) are on exhibit now in Asheboro.

Prepare to witness some rough and tumble play as these future kings and queens of the beasts mix it up in their expansive habitat.

It looks like it's time to go to the Zoo again! 


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