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Nasty Storm Opens Up Last Minute Chance to Meet and Feed a Puffin

A nasty storm that sent hail and high winds whipping through the Zoo made us cancel and reschedule an August Meet and Feed a Puffin event.

Unfortunately, for us, several people who signed up for that event cannot come on the rescheduled date of August 29. So, fortunately, for you, we are holding a micro-burst sale on four Meet and Feed the Puffin tickets.

Buy now to receive a 10 percent discount on tickets to go behind the scenes to learn
how keepers care for the puffins and to feed a fish to one. Buy your ticket here.

NC Zoo Society, 2015 Collector's Christmas Ornament Available Now. 

Another collector's ornament from local artist Chris Gabriel. This limited addition piece is available for $24.95. This price includes your member discount and shipping. Purchase here.


Handsome, New Gorilla Spotted Inside the NC Zoo.

The NC Zoo's refurbished gorilla exhibit is slated to officially reopen on August 27, but the exhibit's impressive new Silverback, Mosuba, is already visible inside the exhibit. His keepers have introduced him to the new space to give him plenty of time to grow comfortable in his new surroundings.

Mosuba can be seen, now, keeping company with the Zoo's old-time troop members, including two youngsters, Bomassa and Apollo, and two other recently-arrived gorillas, Rosie and her six-year-old grandson, Hadari.

Come seem them. It'll be more fun than a barrel full of apes!

Shadow a Veterinarian

Spend Your Morning making rounds, behind the scenes,

with a Zoo Veterinarian.

Find out how you and a friend can go behind the scenes with Senior Veterinarian Dr. Jb Minter to learn how the veterinary staff provides medical care to the Zoo's animals. 

An unforgettable birthday or anniversary present!  Learn more here.

The tragic loss of Cecil, the lion— a reminder that Africa’s wildlife needs our help.


The NC Zoo is actively involved in saving animals in the wild. We do this in part by working closely with national parks across Africa, including in Zimbabwe where Cecil was killed. By training rangers and providing them with the latest in technology, we can help to save these majestic carnivores and the other animals that share their habitat.

Help by donating to the NC Zoo's Conservation Projects

Learn more about lions here.


Zoo Gift Cards Now Available Online

NC Zoo Gift Cards are accepted for payment at all Zoo gift shops or can be used at the ticket booths to buy admission tickets or memberships.

 Purchase here


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