The Zoo Working in the Field to Save Wildlife

The North Carolina Zoo began its field conservation programs in the early 1990s and has been expanding its involvement in wildlife protection ever since. Currently, the North Carolina Zoo and NC Zoo Society spend approximately 2 percent of their budgets on the conservation of wild populations of plants and animals. Apart from salary costs, nearly all of the Zoo's conservation budget comes from funds donated by private individuals, foundations and government grants and through partnerships that the Zoo develops with other conservation organizations.

To learn more about the Zoo's extensive conservation work, download a copy of the Zoo's most recent Conservation Annual Report

Read About the Zoo's International Efforts and Successes in Protecting Wildlife

Elephants in Cameroon (Cameroon, West Africa)
Cross River Gorillas (Nigeria and Cameroon, West Africa)
Newly discovered subspecies of Chimpanzee (Nigeria and Cameroon, West Africa)
The rare monkeys of Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa)
Training conservation staff in Yankari Game Reserve (Nigeria, West Africa)
Teaching Uganda's next generation of conservation leaders (Uganda, UNITE for the Environment)

To download a copy of the North Carolina Zoo's Field Conservation and Research Program Annual Report for 2007-2008, click here.

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