Wild Welfare works to improve conditions for captive wild animals in severe distress around the world.

The number of zoos around the world probably approaches 10,000, but only about 10 percent fall within the network of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and, through that group, follow some form of organized ethical framework. The vast majority of these facilities are not governed by legislation or by codes of ethics and professional best practices. Many of these facilities have little hope of improving the condition of the animals in their care.

Mainstream animal welfare organizations do not have the capacity to engage with these zoos to promote animal well being, but the accredited mainstream zoo world does. Wild Welfare provides the first medium and plan for improving substandard zoos through collaborative dialogue with accredited zoo professionals, zoo associations and leading non-government animal welfare organizations. Our goal is to identify and improve the conditions of captive wild animals kept under circumstances of severe distress.

The NC Zoo and Zoo Society, in reflection of the long experience we have with zoos in developing countries, are proud to have launched this novel and much-needed initiative.

Your donation to Animal Welfare will help us build relationships with individual zoos, their management and communities so that we can provide relief to wild animals kept under the poorest conditions. Make your gift to support Wild Welfare here.

See details of the work Wild Welfare has already accomplished.

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