Current Capital Needs

Support any facility needs and you will improve the lives of animals living at the Zoo, and enhance Zoo visitors’ experiences.

     Re-Spot the Ocelot

The Zoo wants to be able to take its Ocelots, especially any kittens that are born here, out of their indoor exhibit to set them outside in a larger, more interesting exhibit. This new exhibit will give the Ocelots room to wander, climb, jump and play and will fill their senses with melodies from the birds, warmth from the Sun and perfumes from the rain and the changing seasons.

     We are Expanding the Gorilla's off-exhibit area to bring in three more gorillas.

The Species Survival Plan for Gorillas recommends adding three new gorillas (including a Silverback) to the Zoo's troop. To make this possible, the Zoo is adding space to its off-exhibit area.  You can help—by making a donation here.


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