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Something to Roar About at the NC Zoo


The Zoo's lioness and cubs (count them, there are four!) are on exhibit now in Asheboro.

Prepare to witness some rough and tumble play as these future kings and queens of the beasts mix it up in their expansive habitat.

It looks like its time to go to the Zoo again! 




Brand New Special Event -  Saturday, October 25

For 5th and 6th graders who want to grow up to be veterinarians!

Go into the Zoo's veterinary hospital for a two-hour adventure that explores how zoo vets admit, diagnose and treat wild animals.

Strictly limited to 20 people. 

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 August 25, 2014

  Statement From Wild Welfare on the Gaza Zoo:

 "Wild Welfare has been saddened to hear about the extremely distressing conditions for the animals caught in the crossfire between Israel and Hamas at the Gaza Zoo. Alongside the North Carolina Zoological Society, we managed to source a small donation to buy food for these animals, and have been investigating options to get aid to them. However, our research has revealed that militants have a history of using the zoo as an integral part of the war-zone, and our on-the ground sources have warned us that the situation is still extremely dangerous.

"We lack reliable information as to how many animals are still alive, and we have no established partners to help us plan or carry out a safe and effective food delivery operation. While we applaud the bravery of individual Gaza residents who are trying to help the zoo's animals, Wild Welfare has been unable to locate any contacts or infrastructure that would allow a safe, legal or effective way of getting food or other help to these animals. Until we have reasonable prospects for successfully reaching and helping these animals, we are not willing to put human lives at risk. 

We are obviously sad that we cannot help, but we will have the funds on standby if it becomes legally possible and responsible to take action in the future."

Learn more about Wild Welfare and its efforts to improve animal welfare in zoos around the world by visiting its Website.



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