Combo Fun Tickets Available to Zoo Society Members

For only $8, Zoo Society Members can purchase Combo Fun Passes at the NC Zoo Society's Members-only Express Entry Ticket Booths or at any Gift Shop. Combo Tickets are on sale from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The four tickets can be used in any combination to enter the Zoo's thee special exhibits.**  One Combo Fun Pass will...


* Admit four people to one special exhibit (say dinosaurs)

* OR admit one person to all three events

* OR admit two people to any two events

* OR can be used in any other combination that you can think of!

If you don't use all four tickets on the day of your visit, save what's left and use them later. Tickets are good through October 31.

** Special exhibits:

Dinosaurs, tickets are normally $4 each; Dino-4D at the SimEx Theater, tickets are normally $3 each; The Carousel, tickets are normally $2 each.


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