Wild Animal Science Camp


A camp where young adults can spend two days and one unforgettable night exploring wildlife inside the NC Zoo’s field research camp.

Campers will engage in the same activities that guide the Zoo’s field biologists when they travel into wilderness to study and protect free-ranging elephants, gorillas, salamanders and more.

The only camp of its kind available anywhere in the world, the NC Zoo and Zoo Society's Field Research Camp engages campers with radio telemetry, camera traps, drones, night-vision equipment and other technologies to study native wildlife and the Zoo's exotic animals. 

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Download our Field Research Camp Brochure

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  • Pick out the camp you want and pay the $5 application and processing fee.

May 30 - 31          20-21  June       August 1 - 2

Admission Procedures

Each camp will accept the first 16 qualified applicants to complete the application process. 


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