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An experienced guide accompanies every travel group and a portion of every travel payment comes back to Asheboro to help keep the magic alive at the North Carolina Zoo.



 Nov 6 - 16

Extraordinary price
for an extraordinary

Tour Leader:
Dr. Mike Loomis,
Chief Veterinarian


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Jan 16 - 28
Cruise prices
begin at $7,477

Air not included
Antarctica - Amazing!

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April 21 - 29
$2,649 per person
includes air.
Spring in Beijing
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May 3 - 14
$3,995 - land only
A classic safari to the Garden of Eden.
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Jul 25 - Aug 1
$3,895 - land only
The wonders of Acadia, the Bay of Fundy and more!
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Platinum Luxury - For our most discriminating travelers, the Zoo offers Platinum Tours, trips cushioned by an added layer of luxury. Platinum Tours offer exceptional accommodations and visit remarkable, but rarely seen, destinations.

* International airfare not included

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