What We Do

Supporting the NC Zoo

The NC Zoological Society is a private, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that supports the conservation, education, research and recreation missions of the North Carolina Zoo. The NC Zoo Society funds Zoo programs that conserve wildlife, protect wild environments, conduct research and provide recreational experiences that strengthen the bonds between people and wildlife. The Society also funds Zoo programs that protect the well-being of animals that live in zoos or in the wild.

And, the NC Zoo Society welcomes you into a family that shares your concerns for wildlife!

What We Do For You

The North Carolina Zoo Society is your bridge to more than a Zoo visit. The Zoo Society makes you a partner in Zoo programs that advance:

  • Animal Well-being
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Field Work
  • Research


What We Fund

We support many of the Zoo’s most culturally and educationally relevant programs! Our primary role is to support conservation, education, research and recreational programs that fall outside of the budgetary capacity of the State of North Carolina—for example, funding for unanaticipated maintenance, exceptional visitor services, and other operational and capital development needs.

The Zoo Society’s generous donors and loyal members empower the Zoo to do more than exhibit animals well. Gifts from the Zoo Society position the North Carolina Zoo to contribute nationally and internationally to wildlife conservation and research, to advance standards and practices that promote the well-being of animals in zoos and in the wild, and to inspire people everywhere to respect, explore, care about and connect with nature.

For information on supporting the Zoo's programs, please see the Support the Zoo page.