Veterinary and Wild Animal Science Camps

2018 Veterinary Science Camps

The North Carolina Zoo's veterinary staff leads the camping sessions, most of which take place inside the Zoo's Frederic Moir Hanes Veterinary Center. All campers use the Veterinary Center's treatment rooms, X-ray and lab facilities during hands-on experiences with endoscopes, microscopes and other equipment.

Learn about Junior Vet Camps (for rising 7th to 9th graders) and about Senior Vet Camps (for rising 10th graders to college freshmen)

2018 So, You Want to Work with Animals! Camp

The North Carolina Zoo's veterinary, animals, education staff leads this NEW camp for Middle School students who want to work with animals when they grow up. This camp takes campers on a romp around the Zoo to sample what it would be like to work at a zoo veterinary hospital, as an animal trainer, as an animal trainer, as a naturalist, or as an educator or animal ambassador. For 5th-8th graders. Learn more here.

2018 Wild Animal Science Camps

The only camp of its kind available anywhere in the world, the NC Zoo and Zoo Society's Wild Animal Research Camp engages campers with radio telemetry, camera traps, drones, night-vision equipment and other technologies to study native wildlife and the Zoo's exotic animals.

Learn about Junior Wild Animal Science Camps (for rising 6th to 8th graders) and about Senior Wild Animal Science Camps (for rising 9th graders to college freshmen)