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  • South Africa
    (Double-occupancy; does not include international airfare)
    Wild treasures of the Rainbow Nation
    A safari for the first-time traveler to Africa
    June 14 - 24, 2018
    This nine-day safari to South Africa was designed as a perfect introduction to the African continent. The itinerary takes in the stunning scenery of the Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain and spends five full days in and around Kruger National Park. Recognized as one of Africa's premier wildlife parks, Kruger offers excellent opportunities for travelers to find "the big five" (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and hippo). Organized by Classic Escapes with all the creature comforts that the first time traveler to Africa could hope for, this safari will build memories that will last a lifetime.
    A post extension visit to Victora Falls is available for $2,295.
    International airfare is not included.
    Detailed information, including an itinerary, can be downloaded below:
    Wild Treasures of the Rainbow Nation

    Please contact Jayne Parker (336.879.7273) for reservation information.
  • Madagascar
    (Double-occupancy; includes estimated international airfare from GSO)
    A wildlife expedition to Africa's island neighbor
    August 17 - Sept. 2, 2018
    Lying 300 miles off Africa’s southeastern coast, Madagascar harbors some of the Earth's rarest animals. Ninety percent of its wildlife is endemic—native only to this island. Its landscapes, too, are unique, morphing from the rugged beauty of the Berenty Reserve into odd geological formations inside Isalo National Park and, finally, into the tangle of Perinet's rainforests. The island's culture is as rich as its nature, absorbing color and texture from a history of Asian, East African, Indian, and French influences. The only place on Earth to encounter the marvels of dancing Sifakas, wailing Indris, and bounding Ringtailed Lemurs. A post-extension trip to Kenya is available for $5,455/person.
    Detailed information, including an itinerary, may be downloaded below.
    Expedition to Madagascar

    Please contact Jayne Parker (336.879.7273) for reservation information.