Payton Memorial Fund

In their grief, Payton’s caretakers (and many of the staff members, volunteers, and guests who came to love him over the years) asked the Zoo Society to establish a Memorial Fund as a way to honor Payton’s life and express gratitude for the joy he gave to so many people.

Payton’s keepers also asked that funds donated in his memory be used to support Polar Bear conservation.

During his lifetime, Payton served magnificently as an ambassador for his wild brethren. We agree that the best way to honor a life so well lived is to continue to carry his messages into the future by helping the world protect fellow members of his species and the ice and oceans they rely on to survive. 

Donations made in Payton’s memory will be used to make the world safer for Polar Bears.

If you would like to donate to the Payton Memorial Fund, please begin by clicking the icon to the right.

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