More Than A Million Smiles

As the end of the year approaches, we hope you will consider making a donation to the Zoo Society’s annual fund. If you do, we will use your gift to bring more than a million smiles into the Park during 2020. Your gift will help us keep those smiles coming by making sure that the Zoo has the resources it needs to fund its most important priorities— priorities that will add fun, animals, and more learning opportunities to every visit.
The timing of your gift is especially important now, because it will help the Zoo keep its animals and visitors happy and safe while its staff continues to plan for the greatest expansion in the North Carolina Zoo’s history.


While these plans march forward, your gift will help position the Zoo to keep its promises to take care of its wildlife, protect endangered species, and give all its visitors dozens of reasons to smile while they travel inside the Park.
Thank you for helping us make the Zoo a happy, learning place for North Carolina families.
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